Saturday, January 23, 2010

Canada for Haiti

Hi Folks..... it's Friday night and I just finished watching the Canada for Haiti Telethon.... the incredible damage that has been done to the people of Haiti is heartbreaking however the generosity of, not only Canadians, but the World community is overwhelming and sends a message of hope.

Michael Armstrong of Global News is in Haiti right now. Mike is the oldest son of my cousin Judy and her husband Ken. For those who watched the Telethon and saw Mikes piece on the orphanage I thought I would tell you why his dad, Ken, was concerned about his going to Haiti.... the last time Mike was there was just after the country was flattened by a hurricane and while scouring the countryside for stories Mike and his crew were attacked by armed men and had guns put to their head. Their equipment was stolen but they were spared from any injuries.

For those of you who watch Global News you will remember a story from the ice storm where Mike interviewed an elderly couple from Granby who had no power, no heat and the old man was feeding a wood stove in the basement.... the darn old fool refused to leave his home and go where he would be safe..... that was Mike's grandfather and grandmother.... my uncle George and Auntie Gladys...... Global News was inundated with calls from concerned Canadians offering shelter to the crazy old fart... they had to do an update on the late news to let Canadians know that George and Gladys had gone to their daughter Judy's and were fine.

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