Friday, January 22, 2010

Can't make it to work today

Hello, boss I cannot come in to work today.

There was a moose born on my front lawn and the mom won't let me out of the house!!!!

Naubinway, MI, is about 40 miles west of the Mackinaw bridge in the Upper Peninsula ofMichigan .

Baby Moose 12 Hours Old -

Born in the middle of downtown

Naubinway, Michigan

In my 33 years in Michigan 's Upper Peninsula , I have never

Seen a new-born baby moose. This one was not even a half

Mile from our house. The mother picked a small, quiet

Neighborhood, and had her baby in a front yard just off of US 2,

At 5:30 am.

Allen and I were out bike riding when we came upon the pair.

The lady across the street from this house told us she saw it being born

We saw them at 5:30 PM. So the little one was 12 hours old.

What an awesome place we live in to see such a sight.

Makes it really tough to use your front door!

Thanks Penny F.

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