Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ellen has jogged some memories

Hi Marty,

The replies to my ice-skating story from Ellen Stone and Murray Penney prompted some more memories. In answer to Ellen's question, no I did not skate in the bush at the end of Queen St. but I thought of another place we did skate and that was on the ice when Perras' quarry froze over.

We also learned to swim there in the summer. Like Murray I do remember "hopping cars" with skates on but I was never to allowed wear my skates in the house beyond the front porch. With respect to Ellen's memories of the shack at the main rink-- it was a very sexist setup as far as I can remember because only the male side of the shack had the woodstove the female side did not.


PS Thanks to Bob Hawkins,his pics certainly put some perspective on the discussion

Thanks John

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