Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flashback - March 27, 2006

Hi Marston
I thought GPK'rs would have a chuckle looking at this old pennant. I found it at a yard sale a while back.
Do you think this water skiing may have taken place on the creek behind my Grandmothers house on Devonshire Road? I was away most summers and must have missed this activity. I don't think I owned a swimsuit in those days anyway.
Geo V

Thanks George Vine.

George and I were childhood friends and I haven't seen him in over 35 years. It is certainly good to hear from you old friend..

Tell George Vine that no boy in the Park got a bathing suit before he was 12 years old. Up till then it was skinning-dipping or swimming in your shorts,which everyone wore, and then you just played in the sun until your clothes dried. can you imagine your parents wasting money on a bathing suit.

From John McC. to George V.

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