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Flashback - Monday, January, 30, 2006

In keeping with the Centennial theme and to commemorate the start of the blogs 5th year I have decided to go into the archives and select random stories that have, over the years, been submitted by you, the readers. Enjoy

In 1963 the G.P.A.A. entered a bantam football team in the South Shore Pop Warner Football League.

The team known as the Greenfield Park Rams was admirably coached by Elmo Pilon, Ken Crawley and Gordie Pearce.

I was lucky enough to have played on that team. The following year a midget team known as the Mustangs was formed. Coaches Pilon, Crawley and Pearce stayed with the bantam team of 1964, and a new set of coaches took over the midget team. These men, Jeff Willett, Herbie Holmes, Chuck Catto and Norman Burnett kept the Park team a powerhouse in the South Shore League.
They were assisted by men like Ed Walker and Jimmy Small.This team featured players like Gerry Clayton, Bob Meldrum, Bobby Cooper, Wayne Robbins, Shaune Lawton, Dave Houle, Bill Knight, Barry Hollingdrake, Larry Dixon and Steve Went.

I have sent along a certificate we all received at the banquet at the end of the year, a team photo with everyone’s names as well as a photo of me kicking off after one of our team’s many touchdowns. I think the green sweatered team in the picture is a player on the Otterburn Rifles, because the St. Bruno Knights I believe wore black, and the St. Hubert Flyers wore blue.

After three years many of the players continued on with the South Shore Colts coached by John McConachie, Gerry Yaccato, Ken Phillips, Claude Joyal and John O’Boyle.

Thanks John Riley

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