Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flashback - Wednesday, February, 22 2006

G'day Marston,

My good friend John Mc has invited me to contribute to your blog. And here I am. I don't think that I know you but we had a North family next door to us in a duplex on the corner of Oak Street and Fairfield. The son Richard and his wife lived upstairs and his parents were below. Are you related to these Norths?

Our house was numbered 61 Fairfield at that time. A picture of our old house (taken in 1993) is attached. The front part was added on by later owners. originally it didn't have a basement - only a dug out pit to hold the coal used for heating in the winter. I remember that the bedrooms upstairs with their sloped ceilings got terribly hot in the summers. Often we had to bring our mattresses downstairs to sleep on the living room floor which we thought was great fun when we were kids.

Our family originally lived in Mackayville and only moved to the park shortly after I was born in 1943. My parents had both migrated from England. My father was from East End London and was sent to Canada to work on farms at the age of 12 in 1919. During the Depression, my parents ran a boarding house in Montreal. Then about 1935 they moved to Mackayville to be out in the country. My mother used to tell me that on 22 February 1943 she walked over a mile in a raging snowstorm to the end of the train line to catch a streetcar to the hospital in Montreal to deliver me. Of course I was snug and warm inside and oblivious to all. On the next day, 23 February, I thus entered this world. Thus I will be celebrating shortly and my old mum would be very pleased to know that I will have no snow on the day.

Attached are two photos of our family and myself taken about 1945 in our backyard at 61 Fairfield Avenue.

Bob G
in sunny Queensland, Australia

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