Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More on Postal Charges

Hi Marty

I can attest to the fact that there appears to be different pricing, at least here in BC.

Recently I went to a postal outlet to mail 2 small packages to the same location out east.

The clerk weighed each and gave me a quote. The charge was so outrageous I walked right out with them.

The next day I was near the main postal station and decided what the heck, I was over a barrel, they needed to be mailed!

The clerk there bundled the two packages together, and I thought, "here we go, this will cost an arm and a leg".

I was shocked that the cost quoted...........was less than HALF the cost quoted the day before at the pharmacy.

Not sure if it was the bundling process or a difference in fees that made a difference, but needless to say,

I know where I will be bringing my packages from here on!

Try it in your area. It would be interesting to know.


Nanaimo, BC

Thanks Mary S

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