Sunday, January 03, 2010

Public Service announcement - used eye glasses needed

Good afternoon everyone,
I am at the present time Chairman of the used eye glasses project for the Greenfield Park Lions Club.
Hundreds of people in under developed countries have poor eye sight and many are going completely blind because they don't have the money to take care of their eyes.
Through Lions International we send used eye glasses to these countries. Doctors give free eye examinations and can match the free glasses we send to their patients. This project has helped improve the eye sight of many and again helped stopped many others from going completely blind.
Please help us help thousands of less fortunate people in third world countries by giving us your support. The spare glasses you have in a drawer at home, the old ones that are now useless for you because you have new ones can help many people.
I will gladly have these glasses picked up or you can put them in the eye glass collection box at the Canadian Legion in Greenfield Park or the offices of the Borough of Greenfield Park.
If you need more information you can contact me by sending a reply message via email
Thank you for reading this message and for supporting this truly important project


Thanks Bernie..... get to it ladies and gentlemen check each others drawers... and whatever

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