Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is an Amendment to recent Posts about Canada Postal Service

We have noticed that you have reposted information that has been circulating, which includes a reply sent by a customer service representative. The reply contains misinformation and we have posted our response on our corporate Facebook and Twitter pages as well as within the discussion forums where the content has appeared.

Perhaps you will deem it fit to include as an amendment to the content you recently published. Some sites, including the one that originated the message have retracted their statements.

Here is the text that we circulated to / published in online communities.

Over the holidays, a customer contacted us by email to ask us why private sector partners would be allowed to charge more for the same service provided by corporate offices. The reply they received contained misinformation and we would like our customers to know the facts - rates are the same at all Canada Post establishments both corporate and private sector partner locations.

It is very important to us that your customer experience is the same no matter where you choose to shop.

In fact, the agreement that Canada Post has with its private sector partners specifies that the maximum postal rates that they can charge are the Canada Post published rates. If a postal outlet charges prices that are over the Canada Post published rates, they are in violation of their contract. You should also know that the equipment used by private sector postal outlets is programmed with Canada Post’s published rates. Therefore, the rates should be the same no matter where you choose to get postal services.

We are very disappointed to hear of this experience and we are investigating the matter. If you have any questions or concerns about our rates, contact us at

Thank you,

Canada Post

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