Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tragic accident

I received a phone call late last night (Friday) from my nephew Craig Swinwood informing me of the tragic death of his long time best buddy Steve Babbs - Steve and Craig met while attending Centennial High School in Greenfield park somewhere back around the mid-seventies and remained best of friends to this day!! ................

If you happened to watch the National Television News last night you would have learned of a tragic ski accident in Revelstoke, B.C. - Well that was Steve Babbs....... along on the slopes Steve had his 16 years old son and his son`s best friend and neighbour aged 17 - Steve and the young neighbour were killed and Steve`s son is in Hospital with serious injuries, his mom and younger brother are at his bedside .

Details are sketchy at this point but so far we know that the three of them somehow ended up in a gully on the side of a mountain trail and while attempting to scramble back onto the ski trail they tragically plunged 100 meters or so over a rocky cliff.

Steve lived in Grimsby, On. and this was a yearly excursion out to the Rockies as the whole family just loved to ski and were extremely good at the sport!! - Steve was a pilot with Air Canada for a number of years until receiving head injuries in a car accident about two years ago and that ended his flying days!! A group of us took in a weekend of fun and excitement at the Michigan 500 Race Track a year ago last September and I am attaching a few photos of Steve and the rest of us at track side.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed, but I would imagine the bodies will be returning to Grimsby so time early next week. - Steve was a great guy who was loved by everyone who spent time with him - My nephew Craig introduced Steve to me back when they were teenagers and of course back then I was referred to as Uncle Winston, well, as expected, as the years when by Craig dropped the uncle part but Steve never did, right up to recently Steve always referred to me as Uncle Winston - That`s the type of guy he was!! - He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

I am sending this terrible news along to you all as I`m sure some will remember the Babbs Family from our Greenfield Park days!! - sent with much sorrow, Win Swinwood

Thanks Win S.

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