Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unlock your Car ????

This is really scary! So please don't leave anything

valuable inside your car. No one is safe anymore.

I've often seen tennis balls lying on the road, thinking

that they've been used for road hockey or something like

that. Now I will make sure that I pick them up so that no

one finds it easy to put this to a test. Computers can

show and tell way too much!

Well, now that all the crooks in the

country know how to do this, we may

as well start leaving our cars open

..Unbelievable! Watch this video, it's

in stages 1-2-3-.THIS IS TOO EASY !! SCARY !!

Another thing for all the car thieves to try.

They probably know it already! Who thinks

of these things? You don't need sound.

Thanks Ivan R.

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