Thursday, February 11, 2010

Early GPK Photos


Here are four photos that have been loaned to be lately.

One was taken during a GPK Winter Carnival Parade in 1971. Does anyone recognize houses on the street?

The second was taken at one of the earliest shows of the Greenfield Park Figure Skating Club. Does anyone recognize any of these great skaters. I can pick out three or four. The photo was taken in 1974 or 1975, This photo is compliments of Garth Evans, a great skating coach in the Park since the early 1970s.

The third was at a cub scout presentation about 1965. This photo is compliments of the Chafe family.

The fourth is of a dance in the Youth Centre in 1961. I think I recognize Dougie Menary movin' and groovin' near the center of the photo. Can anyone spot any others? It comes from an old copy of the South Shore News so it may have been taken by Bruce Field or George Powney.

I am also including the 7 pages of the 1972 Figure Skating Show program compliments of Garth Evans. I think a lot of these names will bring back memories as some of them are sisters, nieces, children and grandchildren of Parkers and former Parkers. I see the name Elaine Sandahl who attended the last Park reunion in Ottawa.

I'm still looking for more interesting photos for the book of photos. I still do not have even one class photo from Jubilee School. Someone must have one.

John R.

Thanks John.

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