Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Inspection

There's arcing? I wonder why

New! sideways elbow

The first one couldn't shut off the water so

let's put in a second one

Breakers keep tripping so let's take it out

Eventually it will become a concrete wall

equipped with weeping holes?

If one elbow is good, why not put two in

The down spout can't handle the heavy rain

then let's help it

How to install an attic vent require the following

parts: drywall, sheet metal, fiberglass batt, wire ties, electrical

tape, duct tape and nails

How about a 360 degree to an inline trap equipped

with a u-trap along the way

Don't need a light switch

Why not just buy some shorter nails....

What! The trap is there...just turn your head sideways

Upside down - sideways trap

Who's going to work on this.....if there is an electrical or

plumbing problem ???

Leaky drain - out of duct tape, then use electrical tape

How about a light in the shower

If these can hold you up then why not here?

Off by a few inches, just use a couple pieces of wood to

hold up the main joist

There's room here...let's put the u-trap here

Can't mount it on the let's just stick it in the

venting pipe

Long flexible elbow?

Adjustable bracket for any angle

No place to put the sink? Then let's make it a combination

sink and shower

Missed it by a foot, why not use a bunch of spare

electrical boxes?

The ceiling was too low by a foot

I wonder if there is room for one more wire??? NOT

An extension cord would be better. You think

Thanks Bob A.

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