Sunday, March 14, 2010


Normand's submission about winning 24 Dow beer brought back fond memories of my parents, Rosalyn, the Allain's and a dozen Dow.

From the day we moved into the Barracks Mom and Dad were the Allains biggest purchaser of Molson Export. In all fairness to my parents they were raising many foster children and Mom would stay up till all hours of the night in the event we had an emergency case.... you see they were on call 24 hours a day for such crisis's.

Dad admired Mr Allain to such an extent that when we moved to Gregory Street he decided to buy his own grocery store..... in Point St. Charles on Center Street...... We had your typical grocery bike, a delivery boy and the customary credit line....

One day Roz decided she wanted to help out in the store... she would sit by the cash and answer the phone.... "how's your French", I asked... "good", says she... "I'll be fine, don't worry".....

The phone rings, its one of our best clients, the one with the biggest tab... she orders bread, a pound of butter, milk and a dozen eggs..... the order is given to Bobby our delivery boy (not me)..... 15 minutes later Bobby comes back in the store... he has a dozen eggs in his hand and says to Roz "Madam Snyder le client on demande une dozen Dow pas une dozen d'ouef'" so much for Roz working the phone

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