Saturday, March 20, 2010

Be careful cleaning the Bar B Que

This person knew there were bees coming from under the cover and knew they would need to be killed.

Now I know these bombs aren't for bees, but I thought I'll suffocate/smoke
them out. So here is the weapon of choice and delivery system.

I thought I was pretty smart (hehehe), designed to be easily maneuvered under
the cover of darkness... so then I release the weapon of buzz destruction.
OMG! the sound from under the cover was incredible!!! You could hear it 3m away easy...

Then I ran like crazy....
Coming back few mins later to see the death toll.

I continued to remove the cover and to light the bbq to give it a clean when I noticed
some fatty looking substance on the top of the side shelf thing....
Bit weird. I always clean it before I put it away for winter and no way was there fat there
before, so I began to wonder.

Thanks Richard

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