Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog Update

Hi Folks,

This is to let you know that I,m sick and tired of Blogger Network (Original Blosite). I tried to post 3 pics today of Primeau Cycles several times. It said that the Pics where taken and would post, but not so.

I have been patient with them for more than 4 years and still never see any improvement. There is no technical support whatsoever. The only help you may get is from help forums that are loaded with a bunch of so called software engineers that think they know what the problem is, but never offer a fix.

If you look at what they have reduced the blog to now, it is a pity so see the pics in such a reduced size.

From now on I will post on the backup blog. The URL address is:

So if you don't visit that blog you will miss all of my posts. Bob will still post on the original blog but more and more we will use Wordpress as our main blog. You may want to let your friends know and that there is a Link on the original blog to the new site.

Marty North

In follow up to what Marty has said above... while I continue to post on blogger.... the items I post will be GPK relevant however they will be posted on WordPress as well, when and where they refer to "Our Parker Friends". We are not trying to duplicate items but rather trying to simplify our posting duties and, hopefully make your blogging experience more pleasurable...

Thanks for your patience.... Bob H

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