Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bob's Long Range Electric Bike Conversion

Now I'm sure you all remember my warning on WordPress about showing up on your doorstep if we didn't get names for the GPAA Girls pictures.... and I am sure you all poo-pooed my idea of converting my electric bike into a long range mode of transportation.... well folks look out cuz here it is.....

For those of you who are unfamiliar with electric bikes I present you with a picture of my Schwinn...... the large square box on the vertical post is the battery.... the motor is on the rear wheel and has a chain drive.... the throttle is on the right hand grip similar to a motorcycle while the gears (for pedals only) are on the left... braking is the same as any other bicycle

Above you see the start of my modifications.... now I know some of you may say that blue apparatus on the carrier rack is an air compressor....WRONG..... it WAS a compressor however, I converted the motor to a methane powered DC drive generator.... the tanks is now a methane accumulator that feeds the bio-gas to the DC engine... this is a totally green process.....

See you soon folks
In this photo we see the combination riders saddle and methane gas separator (MEGASS)... the separator extracts the gases through a process know as ionization and feeds it into the accumulator tank where it is stored for future use.... as the battery gets low the DC generator is started and battery charging occurs.... I had originally intended to provide a photo of the my gas production assembly (GASPASS) but could not find anyone willing to take the picture..... perhaps when I arrive on your doorstep we can discuss the possibility of your taking it for me.... I'll supply the camera

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Anna said...

Is there some way to harvest human waste.. especially in unsewered cities like Mumbia slums where 1.5 million people live in 2km area).. I'm thinking of a truck with portable toilets,collection tanks and a digester ..Where people can go and deposit then take away the methane .. for use in cooking or for methane it too crazy..It just seems that kids and people shouldn't have to live in their own shit in this day and age.. and the potential resource is being wasted..