Monday, March 29, 2010

Can anyone provide the missing names??

Hello Marston

Well it has been years, a hell of a long time since this picture was taken. I believe it was grade 9

with Ron Duncan being the teacher. I remembered a lot of the names, there might be 1 or 2 wrong

& a few I can't remember so as your are in the big picture I thought I would pick on your memory.

I have a few more photos of grade 6 Mr. Belfor, grade 8 Mr. Tudor & a few of the student council of Royal George.

I also have a few of the Minstrel show pictures but holy shit we are all black & I can't tell anyone just Keith Morrison( mc)

who was still white.

I will start with the top row & anyone I don't remember I'll put ?????

Allan Houle, Carl Jorgenson,?????, Dennis Turner, Timan Kovamaker, Roger Worthington, Norman Morley,?????

Donny Ridewood, Terry Bartlett, ?????, David Rye

2nd row

David Franks, Derek Marsh, John Penny, Marston North, ?????, Sandra Snow, ?????, ?????, Heather Blain, Tom Harris

Peter Jenkins, David Burnett, Brian Babb, Ron Duncan (teacher)

Bottom row

?????, Barbara Couglin, ?????,Bev Garret, ?????, Jean McShane, Judy Hebb.

If you know the missing names could you please let me know so I can fill in the ????.

I hope you didn't mind me sending this directly to you instead of through Normand.

Hope your health keeps improving & I enjoy your site, Nice to see all the old Park people.

I don't go on other blogs, facebook etc. I do like Nascar & still take in stockcar racing whenever I can & camping

Take care


Norman Morley

Thanks Norman, You are right it has been a long time since we last talked. It is fine to contact me directly. Normand S. is not the only reporter here ..LOL

Old pics from Royal George days are greatly appreciated

Marty N.

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Brenda Casey said...

1st row, 3rd from the left is our sister Linda (Harrison) Johnston. Linda passed away in Winnioewg on Dec 21, 2009.

Judy (Harrison) Johnson and Brenda(Harrison) Casey