Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Follow up on Lucas Walker's "The Jedi Show"

Subject: The Jedi Show 15
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 00:17:07 -0800

I did something a little crazy, silly, and possibly insane for this show. I recorded it AFTER the big gold medal men's hockey game. An all-Canadian musical line-up (with the exception of the Beatles Moment, of course). Hope you enjoy it. And thanks again for listening. GO CANADA GO!

Lucas The Jedi Show: my weekly radio program

As is customary for our blog we posted Clifford W email and Lucas W. email and link to the show further to this I emailed all my nieces, nephews and children the link... here is a response that I received from my nephew...

Hey Uncle Bob,

Thanks for the link. I actually know Lucas really well. We grew up together and he actually got me in our college radio station as a dj way back when. I'm gonna give him shit for not letting me know about this earlier... hell we played hockey together every Wednesday night all last summer!

David Snyder

Vice President, Edge International

Go get him David

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