Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Go! Go! Gold by Matt Drummond


Here is a poem written by our 15 year old grandson right after the game last night and we feel it embodies all our feelings as Canadians. For background info, Matt Drummond is 15 years old and lost his mom in a nasty car accident in 1999 and now has a wonderful new mother who has brought out the best in him and his brother and sisters. We would sincerely appreciate you putting this on the blog.

Thanks, Betty and Red

Betty Drummond, paralegal

Go! Go! Gold!

The final game of games.

They go for gold.

The game of shouting names.

The players all so bold.

Hockey is the name of the fight.

The greatest sport ever shown.

They fight to gain the bragging right.

To take back to their homes.

Kessell moves for the score.

Luongo swats it away.

A Canadian skates to score.

This shot decides to stay.

Miller blocks one, then one more.

The puck sent down the ice.

Perry comes to take the shot.

This goal was really nice.

U.S. is down by two.

Then Canada gets laid back.

Then one goes in for the boys in blue.

And Canada has to pick up the slack.

Third period comes starts to wind down.

Another goal goes in.

They tie it up, Canada frowns

As overtime begins.

Sudden Death, four on four

The game begins to change.

One of them needs one more

Or the score will stay the same.

A shot is blocked, the crowd screams “LUO!!”

Crosby is out, wanting it more.

Then the unthinkable for the American team

Crosby untied the score.

In one of the greatest games on ice

Canada is number one

While winning gold is nice

It’s all really for fun.

Congratulations Matt, very well put. It is a good example of Canadian pride, from all age groups, in our Olympians and the true meaning of sportsmanship.... the prize is what we seek but the game is what we cherish.

Thanks Betty and Red

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