Tuesday, March 16, 2010

G.P.A.A. Girls Softball - Names Needed

Hi Bob,

In third row, second and third from left are Babara Coughlan and Sharon Fogarty and to the right I think is Maureen Brown. Second in second row if Margaret Main Rochon who still lives in the Park. I could not pick out Linda Samalack who lived on Springfield near Churchill.

Linda Alexander-LaRoche (1961 Royal George graduate)

P.S. Is the 44 in your e-mail name also your birth year by any chance? If so, same as me.

Thanks Linda much appreciated.... anyone else with names would be great.... and yes 44 is the year I was born Nov 30th..... 65 and got here in spite of myself

Original photo submission by Normand


More names from Cheryl and Dave

I recognize Margaret Main in the picture. She is kneeling down in the centre.

I think Linda Samalak is on her left.
I do have a couple of questions.
1) What are they wearing on their heads?
2) Who is the guy in the background with his shirt off and his fly open???

Thanks Cheryl and Dave W..... I'm not sure about the headgear... unless it was full contact softball... the guy in the background is Ralphie B. he just discovered girls