Sunday, March 28, 2010

G.P.A.A. Girls - Some Names Received

Hi Bob;

Here are my guesses of the girls in the 2 GPAA softball photos posted on 26 Mar.

1st Photo

Standing - 2nd from left - Allison Messner, Centre - Suzanne Newbury, Right of Suzanne - Barbara Couglan, Far right - Freda Goldthorpe

2 nd Photo

Standing - Far left - Freda Goldthorpe, 5th from left - Suzanne Newbury, 6th - Jean Jolly, 8th - Carolyn Fleming, 9th - Barbara Couglan, centre - Allison Messner, 2nd right of centre - Sharon Fogarty

Kneeling - Margaret Main, Carolyn Cobb, Lynn Boutilier.


Thanks John P..... Fantastic start... we're off and running folks.... lets keep those names coming...

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