Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grade 9 Photo

Hi Marty;

Hope that you are feeling a lot better.

Thought I would help Norman Morley fill in some of the names on the Grade 9 photo that he sent in. It was, indeed, the Grade 9 class of Mr Duncan for school year 1959/60. The missing names are as follows:

Back Row - Colin Chiles, Bruce MacDonald & Bob Baker

2nd Row - Fran Coates, Sharon Hill & Rose Blais

Seated - Marilyn Mitchell, Linda Harrison, Joan Wilson

John P.

Thanks John

Hi Marston,

Hope you are recovering well! The picture Norman M. sent in is in Volume 1 of the R.G.H.S. Annual 1960. They do not list first names (only initials), but I will fill them in on the ones I know.

Top Row: Alan Houle, Karl Jorgensen, Colin (?) Chiles, Dennis Turner, Tieman Korvemaker, Roger Worthington, Norman Morley, Bill MacDonald, Donnie Ridewood, Terry Bartlett, B.? Baker, David Rye.

Middle Row: David Franks, Derek Marsh, John Penny, Marston North, Fran Coates, Sandra Snow, Sharon Hill, Rose Blais, Heather Blain, Tommy Harris, Peter Jenkins, David Burnett, Brian Babb, Mr. Ron Duncan.

Sitting: Marilyn Mitchell, Barbara Coughlan, Linda Harrison, Bev Garrett, J. (?) Wilson, Jeannie McShane, Judy Hebb. Absent: W. Jansen, B. Noel, Meryl (?) Knight.

Probably Sandy Snow-Robinson would know the rest -- I think she and Brian blog daily.

Linda Alex-LaRoche

Thanks Linda

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