Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kind Message

Hi Marty

Glad to hear and see that you are doing much better. I think of you every time I turn on the computer. No more spring fests for you or you will be the one saying no thank you to all the spicy type foods. Glad that your daughter & daughter-in-law were able to see that there was a problem, and get you to the hospital as soon as they did.

I am busier than ever with my Mom living here and Als' Mom with a broken hip in Stratford and not putting much effort into walking. Al left this A.M. to spend the week in Stratford and hopefully get her house listed. Keep you fingers crossed that it sells quickly. The next job will be to head to Brighton to clean out my Moms house and get it on the market. No rest for the wicked. You and Bob are doing a great job.

Keep getting better and will drop a not again.

Say hi to Louisa and also wish your daughter a Happy Birthday. Also thank here for keeping you with us.

With love


Thanks Heather

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