Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Health

Hi Folks,
I am still very weak and will see my Doctor on Friday. The biopsy came back benign.

I want to thank Bob H. for doing a great job on both blogs. I have been doing some posts when I feel up to it.

I must thank my Daughter and Daughter in Law for recognizing that I was in real bad shape that Sat. afternoon. They rushed me to the ER around 4:30pm and stayed with me until the wee hours of the morning.

The whole family showed up at dinner time and stayed with me until about 3:00am. I was very grateful for the support.

I think my Daughter and Daughter in law saved my life as I was ready to go to bed and at the rate I was losing blood I might not have made it through the night.

Both Bob and I have been posting much more on the Backup blog site so if you don't visit there you are missing out.

The Link is in the right sidebar on the blogger site.

If you want, you can save the Link to your favorites and it is

Marty N.

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