Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Well Wishes from Facebook

Jean Gardner commented on your status:

"I'm wishing him well."

Thanks Jean..... I hope blogger is running properly when he returns... I haven't figured out the WordPress site yet

Betty-and Red Drummond commented on your status:

"Hope all goes well, are prayers are with you Marty.."

Thanks Betty and Red..... he should be home soon

Barbara Williams Hamilton commented on your status:

"Our hopes and prayers are with you Marty. I know what its all about George has gone through all that. Take care"

Thanks Barb.... I know Marty will appreciate the sentiments

Carolyn Cobb-Dalgard commented on your status:

"Thanks for letting us know, Bob. Do hope all goes well for Marston. Please keep us updated."

Thanks Carolyn....

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