Monday, April 05, 2010

410 Murray Corner of Third - more info

Hi Bob / Marty, You are right about the feedback generated by the little house on Murray , a great story line. First ,thanks Richard for the correct street name I wasn't sure. In reply to Richard's question, yes as I remember, Romus ' mother was a hairdresser ,but I am not sure of where she worked nor the name of the salon.. I don't know whatever happened to the family . I left The Park in Sept '53 and they were still living in the house then. Richard's line about the cap falling off the bottle at Silickas' brought back another anecdote about that establishment. In the summer when we were caddying at The Country Club of Mtl ,there would be the usual early morning rush for the golfers and the caddies. Somewhere about 9:30 the rush would abate and we caddies would either just hang around the caddy shack or perhaps walk across the highway and go for a swim in the St Lawrence because we all had our bathing suit on under our jeans. Inevitably Abby Philp, one of the grounds crew would show up on his tractor at the caddy shack and ask if any of those caddies still at the shack had a bike. There was always one person who had a bike and that individual would be offered 10 cents to ride to Silickas' store and buy three quart bottles of beer and bring them back to Abby. Abby would then take the bottles and put them in the cold water in the wooden box that surrounded the control tap for the sprinklers on various parts of the course so that he was not far from his favourite brew for his morning and/or afternoon coffee break. JMcC

Thanks John McC

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