Thursday, April 01, 2010

410 Murray Corner of Third

Hi Bob/ Marty, your picture of the destruction of the house on Murray brought back some poignant memories . I lived just down the street from that house and remember when the Fieldings( Brenda -wife of Fred Knight and her older brother Ross) lived there in the late forties. More significant however was the next owner--Albanus Markevicius. I do not remember ever seeing a man around the house. The residents I remember were a woman and her two sons ,Romus and Victor, and the woman's mother, but they all went by the surname Petrauskaus. During the summer the grandmother was always out in the garden tending to both the flowers and the veggies which she grew in abundance.Frequently there was the smell of cooked cabbage about the house. The family were friends of the Silickas who ran the grocery store on the corner of Devonshire and Jeannette?? in Ville Lemoyne. Victor the son was a little older than those of us in the Third Street Gang but Romus was of our age and he soon became a member. The thing that still impresses me the most was the spirit with which we welcomed Romus into our group. The family was of Lithuanian descent and had spent a few years in Britain as DP's(displaced persons as they were referred to back then) as a result of WW II, and they then emigrated to Greenfield Park. None of that mattered. Romus' english was quite good , no doubt as a result of his time in Britain and he assimilated into our group so easily. We were just a bunch of kids who extended the hand of friendship to a newcomer, regardless of language ,ancestry whatever. I think it was due in part to our upbringing that people were acknowledged for what they did and how they did it rather than any other criteria. JMcC

Thanks John McC..... we sure did look at life differently in those days.... it's easy to say but the fact is our parents, neighbors and friends all looked out for us and made sure we showed respect for each other.... and for our elders

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