Monday, April 19, 2010

Blogger Comments by Marty N.

Hi Folks,

I understand some people are not pleased with the new layout of the old blog. Sorry but that is what blogger (Google) has done to us. It was either choose this type of layout or lose all the blog and the history.

Even though I pay for the memory of the pics they have chosen to reduce the size and what can be viewed.

Both Bob and I have repeatedly asked you to visit the backup blog where the pics are much larger and clearer than on blogger.

Only about half of you have visited the new blog on a daily basis.

Too bad some people just don't read.

On the backup blog people can leave comments that can be seen at the bottom right of the posting. Just click on it to view what people have said about the posting.

Eventually both Bob and I will only post on the backup blog.

We were only forced to do this due to the changes blogger made to our site.

If anyone needs help you can contact Bob H. or myself...

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