Friday, April 09, 2010

Bulletin Board

WOW! What a great day. It may have poured rain all day but I also had a flood of emails with old photo's from around the Park. A vintage poster, video's, jokes and some forgotten names were received as well....

Some of what I received will appear tomorrow.... why?? well in spite of the fact we receive over 300 hits per day we don't always receive the volume of emails we would like ... so I hoard a few for the following day..... weekends in particular are slow as most of you have other things to do ... so now you know

Thanks everyone... thats what this blog is all about... you and Greenfield Park


Your Blog Hosts

PS... and please folks drop by our other blog at not everything that is posted here is posted there and not everything that is posted there is posted here..... we are trying to make sure both blogs are interesting to everyone.

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