Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday's blog

Hi Bob,
First of all thanks to you and Marty for keeping Parkers in touch with each other. Enjoy seeing the photos that are being sent in.
As far as the photo of the two girls in front of the tent at Guide Camp, I can't take credit for taking that one. That was just a tad before my time. I've been bugging my father, Dick, aka Richard Teague to pass some of his old photos along and am glad that he has.
Keep up the great job guy, it is greatly appreciated.
Bev Teague-Schofield

Thanks Bev... the kind words are appreciated.... the tenacity and perseverance of one Mr. Normand Simard makes most of these photo's from the past possible... the more Parkers submit the more fun we have.... keep it up folks.

PS Linda L ... apparently your guess was wrong according to Normand

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