Thursday, April 29, 2010


I know that I saw both Drums Across the Rriver and Go man Go, being two of the three films on your poster.
I cannot remember however where it was that I saw them. We did go to movies in the Park on occasion and to a place along Taschereau toward Longueuil and eventually to
St Lambert as well. I'm sorry to say I've no recollection of going to the Mackayville. Some short term memory loss is to be expected at our advancing age but being tested as your post does will show some of us losing on the long end as well. My old school chum Bernie might have to speak for both of us as to the details. He did have that special training in attention to detail. did he not, if I recall correctly.

Thanks for posting that Normand. EB.

Thanks Normand and ED.

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