Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Musings from John McC

Hi Bob/Marty--- hope you are continuing to mend Marty. Re some of your recent postings--(1)Norman Morley's guess was correct , the lady in front of Keith Morrison was Phyllis Bannister. (2) I also remember the Oak tree by the library which app. 60 years ago when that was the only kids Park in the town was maybe 10 feet high and (3)Dr Trudeau-- I rememeber going to see him one Sat. evening ,around supper time. I had closed a car door on my thumb and it hurt like hell but I figured he might be able to help. Dr Trudeau answered the door ,I told him my problem and he said we can fix that and invited me into his office. He then took a paper clip off his desk, straightened it out, heated one end with his lighter and then pushed the heated end through the thumb nail until he pierced it and released the blood build up and resultant pressure. The procedure cost me nothing but I do have a groove in the thumb nail to this day which I attribute to Doc Trudeau's unique but effective surgery. JMcC

Thanks John McC... Its always good to hear your thoughts from the past.

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