Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Olympics Broccoli Bouquet is answered

I wish more had been said about this worthy cause. So ‘low key Canadian’ in such a high profile venue.

I was wondering what they were?? If it ever was explained I missed it!! I think that they should have told this story many times over the course of the olympics!!! Another reason why I am proud to be CANADIAN!!!!

Who knew????????????????

The (odd-looking?) bouquet of flowers presented to each medalist on the podium at the Winter Olympics– 1,800 in all – are all the same, made up of green spider mums with hypericum berries surrounded by leather-leaf fern, monkey grass, and aspidistra leaves.
What’s really interesting? They’re all made by Just Beginning Flowers, a non-profit company in Surrey B. C. that employs women who are just out of prison, abused, fighting addiction, or with special needs, and teaches them how to be florists.

Thanks Ralph.... I had heard the story but it had slipped my mind

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