Wednesday, April 14, 2010

scan0038.jpg, scan0039.jpg

Just who is this sweet looking little boy?????

Thanks Bev V...... I see you had the girls fooled back then too.... huh George

Hi Bob,

Thought you might use this photo and write up for the blog.

Also in the photos from the Xmas party of 1946, I agree with John Mc. that the person in photo 3 and 4 is George Herford, but then he looks too old for the photos to be 1946. George, I believe was born in 1941, therefor only 5 years old.
In photo 4 I think that I see Gorden Hamlin, and Melvin Stone and in photo 5 Norman Morley ( far right )

Thanks George H...... thats terrific.... we're getting there folks ..... although getting names for these photos is like breaking in a new dental plate

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