Thursday, April 15, 2010

Virtual Trip to GPK


Well its snowing outside this morning and it doesn’t look a bit like it did last week with the trees budding and the flowers starting to show through the ground when I promised I would start again on the virtual bike ride.

I have procrastinated enough and if I don’t get started the entire season will slip by.

We left off last year out side the City of Moose Jaw after visiting the tunnels and the Chocolate Factory so we will slip out unnoticed and head for Regina. They had a huge dump of snow last week and there was still evidence, noticeably the 2 feet or so of it on the lawns and back yards.

I attached a photo of the Parliament Buildings as it is the most recognizable icon I could find. As I headed east up Victoria I realized how much this place had changed in the past few years. Lots of new buildings and businesses as a matter of fact Saskatchewan and Regina in particular are the destinations of those looking for jobs in the west now. No longer do they head for Alberta and Calgary.

Soon as you leave the city, you remember that this is a gigantic glacial lake bottom and it’s flat right to the horizon, all 360 degrees of it.

So I’m not heading east on the number 1 highway or it would be more boring than watching paint dry.

To get to the first cut off, highway 10, I have to go all the way to Balgonie, Junction of Highways 1, 10, 364 and 46. It was founded as a settlement of Scots, and named after Balgonie Castle at Firth of Forth, Edinburgh.

There are lots of photos of the old city. Probably because like Greenfield Park, all the prairie towns built in the early 1900’s are either celebrating their 100 Anniversary or are about to. Everybody has been searching their attics and old car-board boxes for photos for the occasion

When I peddled into town though, I couldn’t find any traces of the old site. When they built the highway junctions, they tore most of it up and its gone replaced by tidy little bungalows and commercial buildings.

I would have liked to have seen the old Town Hall building where “THE BIRD MAN”, William Wallace Gibson took his home made airplane and flew it off for a couple of hundred feet without killing himself.

He was so encouraged by his success that he sold everything he owned except his model and moved to B.C. where he missed making Canada’s first take off and landing flight by just a few months.

From here I’m heading up to Fort Qu’Appelle.

If there are spots any one would like me to try to include between here and The Park, let me know, I’ll start planning

Catch y’all later Doug G

Thanks Doug G.

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