Friday, April 02, 2010

Winston, George G.

Hi Bob........................I was going through some old photo albums looking for a certain pic. that John Riley requested, when I came across a few that are really dated!!

In 1960 I bought my first car (with the help of my brother Ken) a 1953 V8 Ford - Photo attached with Doug Paquette (Still in the Park) sitting on the hood!!

That same year I took my first long drive down East to Halifax to visit with George Wade (Chauncey's cousin) who was in the Canadian Navy and stationed at the base in Shearwater - whatever we are drinking was strictly for medicinal purposes (as directed by a local Halifax doctor)

The third photo reminds me of the old "Our Gang" movie clips (only the dog with the black eye is missing from the pic.) - That's yours truly on the left, the above mentioned George Wade and the kid on the right is George Graham..........The photo was taken in Gratton Lake (outside Rawdon) where the Graham's and the Swinwood's both had summer cottages - If I remember correctly we were about to set out to catch us some brook trout!! - The photo was taken around 1952.

Many Greenfield Park families spent their summers in Gratton Lake - It was certainly a fun place to be with friends!!

Later - Win

Thanks Win... all pictures from our past are greatly appreciated but sorry I don't believe you were drinking that stuff because of health problems..... unless of course it was to refresh your memory of things gone by.... hops do have the ability to refresh ones mind.... until the next day... Flatheads Forever

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