Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 W's response from "The Boonies"

Hi Uncle Bob

Ivan Rhoades here. Look at the blog everyday. Like the banter and renewed friendship's the blog generates. Ex Parker all around South Shore guy. LOL.

Ville Lemoyne - 11 years

St-Lambert - 4 years

GFP 1959 till 1970

Married in 1970 to Odette. Lived across the street from POP's for a year.

Toronto 1971 - 1975. Hated the place. Square man. What culture shock.

Brossard 1976- 1978

GFP 1979 - 1981

Brossard 1982 - 1986

GFP 1987 - 1998

St-François du Lac QC ( in the boonies of QC) 1999 +

Went to school in St-Lambert (Elementary + CCHS). Used Grandfather's address in St-Lambert to get in. Didn't help. Still flunked .

Many trips from Ville Lemoyne to the Swinwood's when I was young. 2 father's (Derek + Alfie ) = molson fans.

Skate in the woods to the Park.

Many memories about the Shore as my Son and his friends call it today.

2 Kids = Kevin 32. Josée = 36 . 2 Grandkids. Olivia and Eric.

Life is good.


Thanks nephew.... I guess it's a family trait to wear out ones welcome in a town.... I wouldn't worry about failing at St. Lambert Elementary.... I had Miss Sheppard in grade 7.... she finally passed me after driving me home in her little red MGA ... as for CCHS I was only there for a few hours when my parents informed me we had to move.... at least they let me know.... thats when we moved to the barracks on Campbell.... where I was adopted by Royal George as the mascot for failure..... and the rest is history

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