Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 W's response from Embro Ontario

Well hey Bob.

1 - Who is viewing ? Are you a Parker or not

David Walsh. I am a parker from the time the family moved into the house my dad was building at 27 Miller, now 705, a few days before I was born in late June 1948.

Mother Betty, father George, older sister Linda (Married Frank Parkinson) and younger brothers Gary & Ken.

Like Barbara Went, Big Creek was a defining thing in my life. It was a natural barrier and I never really knew the kids from the top end until now. And they ain't kids no more. Sad to see Rye get run over by his own fire truck the other day.

I remember wearing jodhpurs to school and wool socks, skating all the way up Miller and Empire to the rink on Churchill and crawling back from Alain's store to home. Blasting to put in sewers and water. Paving the street. Oiling the street in summer before the paving. Hopping bumpers. Flight boots where you had to keep the flap down with elastic bands so it would form to the toe. Flight boots that developed a leak in the heal for some reason. Caterpillars dropping off the trees down your neck. Learning not to irritate Davis' pigs. They were fat but they moved quick. Quicks barn, grass fires in the late spring. water in the early spring. Older kids floating, out to sea?, on Big Creek ice flows. Bonfires at Regent park. Firecrackers going off in your hand (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10). OK. Climbing trees falling out of trees. Sticking the tip of your tongue to the Miller bridge railing in February. Thats still there too (not the bridge).

2- Why do you view the site ? and would you like to see changes

I view this sight, the back up as well as Mikes blog, daily.

You can take the boy out of the park but I have found that you can't take the park out of the boy.

I see old friends. O.M.G... Is that Marilyn Hart! Wow so many more names are coming back.

I tune in for likes of John McC, Normand S & John R and others who's contributions are greatly appreciated. Not to mention yourself, Bob, and Marston.

Whats to change? Keep up the good work.

Are there any 30 somethings in the park who could get involved?

3 - Where are you located ? Country/City ... what ever
I live in a little enclave called Happy Hills Resort, Embro Ontario. Twenty clicks north of down town Ingersoll.
I am Married to Cheryl Reynard (Anyon). Was married to Evelyn Sopko (Fairfield) now London.
Sister Linda Parkinson is in Prince George, Gary is in Kitchener and Ken is in Apex NC.

I suppose thats it for now.

Thanks again.

Dave Walsh

Thanks for the wonderful trip down memory lane Dave.... its great to hear from you and I know many of our readers will be happy as well

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