Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 W's response from Kemptville ON

Hi Bob,

George Hollingdrake here; in reply to your questions about the blog. After being born in the Home Hospital in St.Lambert, 1942, I grew up in the Park and our home was above the Hollingdrake Butcher Shop that my dad and my grandfather owned since the early 1900's. My family and I moved to Ontario in 1975 and Carol and I now live just outside of Kemptville.

As to the blog; you Marston and Normand do an excellent job. I especially enjoy articles that are about the Park and the stories about people that we grew up with. Current Events as depicted by Norman in his unique way are very creative, and adventures of Parkers' travels gives us insight into what people are up to these days.

From my recollection, Greenfield Parkers always had stories to tell and had some of the best practical jokers going. Wouldn't it be nice if these stories and tales could be submitted to the blog so everyone had the opportunity to laugh ( cry ) depending whether you were the joker, or the joke ). The stories could be about families,school,work, individuals, sports or really anything that would bring a laugh that is related to some one we know from our Park days. For example, John Mc. has related some of these tales already.

If this is of interest to others, I for one would like to contribute and attached is one of my stories ( family adventure ) that you may post if you wish.

Thanks, and keep up the good work


Thanks George..... I took the liberty of putting your paragraph on stories from our past in bold letters. I have poked, prodded and threatened to show up at the front door of our readers but to no avail. It seems that they are either shy or their life was boring. All kidding aside... many in our age group are not as skilled with todays technologies however those that are could submit something..... what they don't seem to realize is that the blog is about them as well as about you, I and the history of our great hometown. Bet nobody reads my rant.

PS George I am posting your "Family Adventure" on WordPress to motivate our readers to go over to that site as i plan on doing the majority of my postings there shortly. see you ovr there folks

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