Wednesday, May 05, 2010

3 W's response from Kitchener

1 - Who is viewing ? Are you a Parker or not ... I'm curious

I am Gary Walsh. I grew up in the Park. Moved to Montreal in '73 and
Toronto in '76.

2- Why do you view the site ? and would you like to see changes

I view the site to see what's up with Greenfield Park and those who live
or used to live there.

I like most stuff on the blog, but I think that it needs more focus.
The blog has too high a volume of posts. I like the jokes and pretty
pictures and videos, but they don't necessarily have anything to do with
Greenfield Park. I would like to see a more narrowly focused blog about
Greenfield Park and it's present and former residents. Perhaps you
could make a separate joke blog or photo blog for other stuff.

Also, I think that you should lose the sappy religious nonsense posts.
This is the 21st century. There are no gods. Enough said.

3 - Where are you located ? Country/City ... what ever

Now living in Kitchener, ON.

Thanks Gary W. Your point regarding more focus is well taken. If more people, like yourself, would take the time to send in little bits of information and photo's from their past then there would be fewer jokes and more focus.

Marty has worked the blog for 4 years now and continually tries to inspire Parkers to submit stories whether from the past or present however not all readers are as familiar with todays technology as you or I. The purpose of the survey, and Marty was not aware that I intended to do this, is to see who our readers are and to perhaps inspire our audience.

So far it appears to be working as usual.

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