Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 W's response from London ON

1 - Who is viewing ? Are you a Parker or not

Carolyn COBB Dalgard - Most definitely a Parker. We lived on Devonshire Rd near Smith's store/Churchill & then moved to Queen Street. I'm sure some of your readers will remember my 3 brothers.

2- Why do you view the site ? and would you like to see changes

I try to view both Greenfield Park blogs daily to see what's happening in the Park, & to read updates of long lost friends & neighbours from Greenfield Park. As a result of your blog & the original blog by Mike Rilstone + the relentless detective work of Sandra Snow, we now have a group of approx 20 ex-Parkers who gather occasionally in London ON for evenings of fun & reminiscing. A wonderful bunch of friends to have in my life. Don't see any reason for changes to your site.

3 - Where are you located ? Country/City ... what ever

After marriage, I resided on Regent; Place Bruno in Brossard; then transferred to London ON in 1978.

'Thank you' to Marston & you, Bob, for putting so much time & effort into this blog.


Thanks Carolyn.... I appreciate the thoughts.... as Marty and I learn more about the WordPress blog site the more impressed I am becoming... I have resisted leaving blogger only because of how slow it was to upload a series of photos on WordPress.... slideshow is not available on blogger and now that we have discovered it on WordPress we are like kids in a candy store.... of course as you can see I screwed up yesterdays presentation but todays photo's of Nashville from Win should be much better

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