Thursday, May 06, 2010

3 W's response from Ottawa - No not Harper, Jean

I was born in the Park - Grove Street 1953, moved to Dorothy Street in 1957 and then to White Crescent in 1966 the boondocks of the Park at the time - Capital Homes. My parents left and brothers were off to Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver by 1970, I stayed in Montreal until 77 been in Ottawa ever since except for 23 years in a place called Heckston near Kemptville

Love the blog to get in touch with old friends, read jokes and see pictures of the place that will always be home

Barb Carver * nee Went.

Thanks Barb... I really appreciate the responses I am receiving... it makes it fun for me to hear from people and I hope it is just as much fun for our readers.... your sentiments are the same as others from the Park... it will always be home... Like John McC said... he is not an ex-Parker but rather a boy from Greenfield Park who happens to live in the Ottawa region..... on that note I shall stop using the phrase Ex-Parker in anything I write and will encourage others to do the same

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