Friday, May 07, 2010

3 W's response from Ottawa - relax Jean

Hi Bob,

My parents lived in the Park since the twenties.When my Mom and Dad got married they lived on the corner of Springfield and third in a duplex for several years.

We moved to 89 Empire Ave now 439 in 1940.When I got married n 1959 we lived in a couple of places for the first two years and ended up on Beck Terrace.We moved to Ottawa in 1973.Sam's work in the elevator trade brought us here.

I love the blog and read it every day.I love hearing about original families and where they are today.I love everyone's stories.The stories about different changes in our beautiful town.

The work you and Marty do is very much appreciated.

Ellen McCourt Stone

Thanks Ellen.... the responses I have received to date, such as yours, are everything I hoped they would be. We have all lived in our little circles of life and lost contact with one another, the blog has changed that to some degree as have our mini reunions. Now if I can inspire more of our 340 or so readers per day to contribute something my life will be complete.... well not really but I'm trying the sympathy approach now.

And, if you are wonder why I added the little poke at Jean... well..... Jean Gardner and I have been poking fun at each other on Facebook... she lives in Harpers riding and I live in the 3rd best City in Canada... Burlington.... and yes I know you live in the number 1 City.... so I'll shut up now.

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