Thursday, May 06, 2010

3 W's response from the Park

I am a Gpker since May 1956 when we moved into a Greenberg house and moved in 1986 to our present location on Allan St. near Victoria. I would agree with Gary ? about focusing on GPk. past and present, and John McC. that one can sift through other stuff of interest. I would suggest that people put both first and last name (and in the case of some females, maiden names) when they submit items (e.g. for the longest time I thought Doug Garrett was Doug Gregory). Also, I just looked at the archives of GPKers e-mails and there hasn't been an update since January 2008. I would urge those who want to to send in their e-mails for posting on the list.

Linda Alexander-LaRoche

P.S. You all are doing a great job! Many thanks -- it is a part of my daily routine.

Thanks Linda... your comments are appreciated as for myself I have reservations about posting to much personal information on an open site such as this one. It would be an individual decision to allow us to post full names. We abbreviate them simply to allow some anonymity.

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