Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 W's response from the Park

Hi Bob ,

Helen and I check out the blog everyday. I have lived in the Park since 1947. I lived at 245 Churchill until 1961( when you could leave your front door unlocked at night ) My parents, then bought a house from George Parker and I lived there until 1969, I have had many great memories. The Park to me ,was always very special and even with all B.S. from the merger , it still is .I remember dropping my books and changing cloths at home and getting down to the rink and playing hockey before supper and then back after supper until it was time to come home and do home work. I remeber Keith Benner ,who if he had taken life seriously, would probably have played in the NHL, there was Causey and Graham McDonald, Tony ,Percy and Allan Lacerino ,whose are many memories , I will never forget .

Regarding the picture of the Colts, Is that the second or third year Colts? I played with many of the guys in that picture and others the first year , that we had a riot with the Jarry Lords , Pat Hickey was smashed into the front door of the bus as the lords were still trying to get at us,even after we were safely in the bus. I remember Jackie Fletcher hitting some guy over the head with his own helmet.I remember, when someone from the Lords gave Barry Hollingdrake a cheap shot and that was it, the whole team came to Barry"s rescue.. I don't see myself, Bob Meldrum, or Bob McFetridge and a few other guys , that I played with the year (That had to be the dirtiest football I ever play) and that was the game ,that Steve Kemper decided to quit and I had to play center ,the rest of the year.It brings back many memories.

In October last year , I had a hip replacement and fusion of 3 vertebras, I have a lot of free time on my hands .

I hope , that you and Marty and Norman keep up the great work

Best regards

Wayne ( Tiny ) Robins

Thanks Wayne.... there sure was a lot of animosity between the teams in those days... lots of tough guys in the Jarry area.... none the less they left us with fond memories.... if we knew back then how much our bodies would hurt when we got older we may not have been so foolish

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