Friday, May 14, 2010

3 W's response from Smoky Lake ALBERTA

Hello Bob.

I am a parker .I was born in a house on Murray Avenue in 1942 . I am not sure of the address but it is the house the Normandeus later lived in. We moved from there to B.C., shortly after I was born, because my father was in the air force during the war and stationed at Comox. In about 1945 we returned to GFP and lived above Balangers store on the corner of Churchill and Murray , with my uncle ,aunt, and cousins (the Pratts), while our house was being built on Regent Street. I lived at 33 (later 115 ) Regent St. until I left to come to Alberta in 1960.

I came across this site accidently a couple of months ago and read it almost daily. It brings back many very fond memories of a wonderful town to grow up in and many childhood friends that I remember well. I don’t see any reason to change the site in any way.

My wife Sonia and retired to a small town in north eastern Alberta called Smoky Lake. We both retired from employment in Edmonton. Sonia retired from the Alberta Treasury Branch and I retired From the Edmonton Fire Department.

Some of the friends I remember are Harold Rye , Jimmy and Johnny Mc, Kenny Naylor , Leonard Davis , Trevor Mead , Teddy Charles and George Graham , just to name a few.

We are planning to come to the PARK in July 2011 for the festivities and hope to reunite with old friends then.


Please post this if you wish.

Thanks Art..... glad to have you aboard..... just so you know we have been changing everything over to WordPress... the reason is it is a more powerful site and allows Marty and I to do more for you the reader. The site is....

Len Davis was a close friend of my sisters until she passed away and of course I have some tales about Trev and Teddy..... as for George Graham I seem to remember him playing football with a "Wrong way Corrigan" helmet, you know the old leather style.

I have a feeling that there will be a lot of people happy to hear from you

Thanks again for the memories.... keep them coming

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