Wednesday, May 05, 2010

3 W's response from Stittsville (???)

Hi Bob, in answer to your mini-survey I am a former resident of the Park--not an ex-Parker as I still view Greenfield Park as my hometown--who now resides in Ottawa. I am one of those daily hits who has a visit to the site as a regular part of my daily routine. I do so because I wish to keep as up-to-date as possible about the current Park and I most certainly enjoy photos and clippings and other memorabilia from the past when I was growing up. I do not have a strong interest in some of the postings but as they say "chacun a son gout" and so I will continue to view the site regularly , spend time on items of interest to me and gloss over those items that are not. Yes you may publish this. JMcC

Thanks John McC.... greatly appreciated.... as stated to Gary; Marty and I would love more input from present and former Parkers.... it's what the blog was intended to do... its what makes the blog work.... the items one glosses over are simply filler.... the periodic contributors who's interest is peaked by a story from the past are part of what sustains the blog and fuels our regular readers, like yourself, to drop by on a daily basis and that is what makes maintaining the blog worthwhile.

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