Monday, May 10, 2010

3 W's response from Terry Tomalty

Hello Bob,

I,m a parker we moved to the Park in 1946 and lived on 3rd st between Empire and
Springfield I look at the site daily as it brings back many wonderful memories
my park was from 1946 to 1959 when I married and moved to St Lambert
then to Mt Bruno,have been here 40 years.
My dad Clarence was one of the founders of the GPAA and an alderman in
the1960,s my mother Kathleen was a long time member of St Pauls church and along with
another old parker Muriel Brown ran the original library on Empire/Churchill
The Park was and still is a magical place , to me in the 40,s it was
fields to roam ,creeks to fish, great friends(where are they now?)great places full of character Ma Caters, Kipps Store, Johnsons store, Mr Smiths Fish and Chips on Churchill (Any one remember that?)
The old rink shack,I can still smell Jess Bowbricks pork pies on the stove
can go on and on keep up the good work folks maybe a column on old parkers where are they now the great old families
Boards,Barfoots Kipps Stones Smithmans (boy could "UNC" really dance!Holgates
Charles Fontaines Heavysides Wells Argues and The Tomalty’s

Thanks Terry..... wonderful memories of the Park... I took the liberty of highlighting your queries in the hopes of inspiring our readers to respond.... you are welcome to go on and on any time you wish...

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