Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blue Eyes

Hi Bob,

I know you guys tried, but I don't believe that #15 or #17 is the blue eyed guy that I remember. #15 has not got the same shape of face as the delivery boy had. (don't forget, I did a lot of staring) Maybe they hired someone else at times to deliver their coal. It could be too, that he was from Smiley's instead, but somehow I remember him from Hall's.
I'll just take this opportunity to say thanks for all the work you and Marston do to keep this blog running and to Normand (our undercover reporter) and everyone else who really make it interesting each day. Lot's of fun! Thanks.......


Thanks Margaret..... in an attempt to help you decide which one is "Old Blue Eyes" I have cropped the picture and added coal dust to their faces as well as given them blue eyes.... hope this helps

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